The Monastery of St Nicholas at Mesopotam sits on a low hill between two braches of the Bistrica River and it is of the XI century. It is near ancient Finiqi and the large white blocks at the base of the Church structure and from pre Christian era.These blocks include unique relief sculptures of mythical animals found on the facades of the Church. The church is unique in its large size and in its complex structure.The church of saint Nicholas is one of the most unique and complex.It was destroyed and rebuilt many times. So we can see different stages of building which have brought lots of changes in its structure. We can mention the rebuilt of the XVI and XVII centuries which have brought some changes in its plan. A process of restoration has begun by the Albanian government.The church is in the centre of the complex of the monastery , and within the borders of it are the remaining of the monastery including the eating rooms and the living quarters of the monks in the eastern side.The remains of the compound wall are earlier than the church and included several towers. One remaining 10 meter high section of a tower is still in use today. here to add your own text

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