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The remais of the Synagogue Complex in the center of Saranda attest to a large and wealthy . Jewish community residing in Onhezmus in the 5th century AD. In addition to religious activities , the complex would have served as a community centre and school for bible studies,as was typical of synagogues at the time. The complex underwent various structural additions and adaptations over time including the conversion of the newer basilica style prayer hail into a church . The floors are covered with colourful mosaics and different arnaments including animals .The most important of them is the mosaic with the menorah , in the western side there is mosaic with seven candlestics and a shofar wich are Jewish symbols. This mosaic is the proof of the existence of the Jewish community in Onhesmus. The buildings were destroyed either by earthquake or by Slavic invasion and it was covered nito a Basilica in th 6th Century AD . The whole complex is found inside the castle walls of Onhezmus.

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